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Mobile-First Websites

Are you a small business?  Are you a large organization?  Whatever size you are, there are important developments on the internet that will impact you.

As of Google’s April 2015 algorithm change, you stand to lose 50% of your organic site referrals for not having a mobile-friendly website.

Further, the reasoning behind Google’s change is sound: they have determined over 50% of searches are from phones and tablets.

  • Your customers WILL visit your site on a phone.
  • Is yours easy to read?  Do we need to pinch zoom?
  • Do visitors need to scroll forever to find your content?
  • Is there a clear way to navigate?  Do you assume your visitors know what three horizontal lines means?
  • Is it easy for your customers to call you?

Responsive-sites or mobile-sites are no longer a nice add-on if you want to draw new customers from the internet – and keep current ones plugged in.

Check here to see if your site passes the test.  And whether or not it does, does this site function well for humans?  Fortunately this problem can quickly be solved by your favorite web developer.

Achieve Your Goals

You probably have a friend or family member who can set you up with a slick-looking template on WordPress or Squarespace.  If you don’t have a budget, these are great options for getting started on the web.

However, any business or organization stands to benefit ten-fold from a custom design, professional writing, and code that puts the right content and tools at your visitor’s fingertips. begins the process of creating custom sites by listening to you first.

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your current sales process?
  • What is your story?
  • Would you like to launch on your schedule?
  • What do people need to SEE about your product or service?

As a business owner, you often do not have time to do the legwork to communicate and implement your business to the internet in a profitable way.

  • Do you measure the results of your current site?
  • Do you know what your conversion rate is?
  • Do you show up in search results?

A great website addresses all of these questions for you and your audience.  A great website is an investment in your business, not just a requirement for the 21st century.

Website Portfolio


a Video-based E-learning Website with Commerce

The team at came to us originally for advertising it’s content.  After a few successful projects, we began to collaborate on new products for it’s audience. developed a premium e-learning platform for SLIconnect, with WordPress underpinnings for easy client management and a wide compatibility with helpful plugins as they were developed. continues to develop content with SLIconnect to today.

Site Address:


Lic’s Ice Cream & Deli

Marketing & Brand Awareness

Lic’s approached, desiring a design refresh and to help tell it’s 65-year story. provided a new design and photography that highlight’s Lic’s many exciting products and provides function for it’s proportionately-high mobile visitor audience.

We also tasted everything.  It was delicious!



Edelen Realtors

Tools for Customers On-The-Go

Edelen Realtors came to desiring an updated web presence, and better integration with their new MLS system on mobile devices. delivered a fresh take on what Edelen Realtors desired to offer their clients.  Instead of pointing customers to different websites for different home listings, we made it simple for Edelen Realtors to point it’s customers to it’s home listings and to other sources.

Edelen Realtors is a prime example of high-usability, especially when a visitor lands on the website on a mobile device.


More examples available upon request. Contact Us

Website Services

Site Roadmap

We will interview you to understand your business, help determine your goals, and listen to your story. will then draft a document with clear execution steps to lead to a profitable website.

Build builds goal-driven websites for small-businesses to large organizations.  We adopt custom-imagery, simple usability, and mobile-first design philosophy.  We offer one-stop-shop convenience for our customers.

Marketing uses internet and traditional marketing to drive more customers to you.  On the internet, this requires constant maintenance, as the landscape changes many times per year.  SEO and increased conversion rates, reported to you in black and white every month.

Website Products

Custom Websites

We walk through to discover your company and your goals.  We work closely with you to make a custom website, to achieve specific goals.  Mobile-first and 100% editable.

E-Commerce Websites

If you have a product or service to sell, we can open your storefront online.  Easy to use tools, reporting, invoicing, payments, and more.  Automated and 100% editable.

Custom Web Apps

When you are ready to provide exclusive tools to your customers or plan to offer a 100% online product, getting it right on your website is a make-or-break for your entire operation.  We have much experience in this arena, call for details.

We host websites too for a limited number of customers.
Secure, fast, reliable, affordable – and great “one-level” support.

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