Shout Media

Websites & Video

Video e-learning website
with CMS, CRM and online storefront

Site with full CMS and easy video/audio podcast management for volunteers

Lead & site-generator platform
A site that touches boths ends of it's market

We create websites for business & organizations that just work.

Goal-Driven Design

We design first for purpose and function, then we dial up beauty.

We employ the best designer for your persona and let your voice shine to the world

Cutting-Edge Code

We use the most appropriate technology for your project. We will not battle you in supporting old IE versions for your product.

Nor will we hamper your customers using modern or mobile browsers to experience something special.

A Keen Eye for Content

We help clients identify the content their customers are looking for.

From copywriting to taking and finding the right photo or video, we have the flexability to give you a complete package.

Need some feedback on your upcoming project by a web developer?

We will meet with you to help you identify a plan and get you started down the right path. Whether that's us or one of our competitors. 100% risk-free.

Call (502) 436-0810 or email