My name is Jonathan Malko. Shout Media of Louisville, KY is a solo-operated, full-service digital agency, with 16 years of professional experience.

Call or text (502) 436-0810 or email [email protected] to reach me directly.

Shout Media exists to help business and entrepreneurs take their ideas, and to build them resiliently and at a fair cost.

Marketing and building digital products are hard for most people. What’s even harder is vetting and finding the right service provider to build your website or app.

Many of my competitors do not have this kind of track record, nor do they hold up to these values. I often find many of my prospects being ripped off by large agencies or tricky ‘one-and-done’ outfits before I come in and clean house.

Whoever you hire, consider these elements before you engage – it can save you years (you can’t get back) and considerable money if you can find the answers to these questions.