Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Why did my feature break? Why did my website get hacked? Why is my layout broken?

A: Outside factors change technical requirements for websites constantly.

Security patches are issued daily.
Browsers change in big ways every ~3 months.
Software dependencies change release major revisions annually or bi-annually.
New devices and operating systems tend to be released on an annual basis.

In offering a service to your customers, your web software needs to be secure, fast, and reliable. In order to keep it that way, you will need both a server admin and software developer to administer updates.

In order to regulate cost and give your customers a good user experience, look for proactive professional web service.

Ongoing attention makes the difference between a professional and hobby web presence for your customers.

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Q: What can we do to boost our company to the top of Google search?

A: AdWords for "today" and an investment (in time and effort) into cornerstone articles for your customers would be the 1-2 punch in terms of raising your company's visibility on the web.

The cheapest, effortless way to be on top is Adwords, to a certain point.

You pay money for clicks on your ad, which are place on top of searches, on sidebars, and on AdSense (which appear on other websites and apps).

Organic search (you get this by improving your "SEO")

If your website is cite-able, you stand a better chance of ranking higher. Think about when writing a paper - there are books that are cited often. Popular books, who's words are accepted as fact.

That is the work you must do in order to climb regular rankings. A good marketing company will insist on writing articles and reaching out to cross promote with your suppliers, on your behalf.

On the other hand, there are companies who, similar to selling snake oil, will "sell you SEO" via executing some technical hacks. It will work for a little while. You will pay them money when you get those results. Then when Google catches on, you will plummet, maybe forever (you don't want to mess with their reputation!).

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Q: How do I transfer a domain?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. You buy the domain on your choice of Domain Registrar's website as a 'transfer' domain (I recommend Google Domains or
  2. The current owner of the domain must 'unlock' the domain and email you the EPP auth code. This will have to be initiated by the current domain owner.
  3. There are a series of approval emails tha both the buyer and the current owner must engage with, by clicking on links and accepting terms.
  4. Once the domain becomes avaialble in your account, copies of DNS records will usually be made so that service to a website or email will not be interrupted.

From this point, you will be able to point the domain at your new website host and email provider, via the DNS, or Zone Record that you control.

If your organization has an IT department, it is highly recommended that you reserve this control, instead of turning it over to your website provider.

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